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Price list


Physiotherapy visit 45 min
PLN 220

The first visit includes: interview, physiotherapeutic examination of the patient, discussion of examinations and available medical documentation, definition of the therapy goal and discussion of the improvement plan)

Subsequent visits include: analysis of the current functional status, discussion of changes in the condition, education, learning to exercise, therapy aimed at the cause of the ailment.


Healthy Start package
4 visits to a physiotherapist
800 PLN PLN 880
Body awareness package
8 visits to a physiotherapist
PLN 1520 PLN 1760

Within the packages, we select appropriate treatments from among:

- in-office physiotherapy 45min.

- medical training with a physiotherapist (learning exercises, selection of a movement programme to suit individual needs) 60min.

- therapeutic massage (choice: fascial massage, deep tissue massage, visceral abdominal massage, sports massage) 60min.


Physiotherapy visit220 zł / 45 min
Tele-consultation with a physiotherapist180 zł / 30 min
Tejping (application for max. 2 areas60 zł
Massage200 zł / 60 min
Individual medical training 60 minPLN 200
Package of 5 massages 60 minPLN 900
Package of 5 trainings with a medical trainerPLN 900
Running and gait analysis 75 minPLN 200


Home visits

Prices set individually depending on the distance within Warsaw and the number of visits.

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