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"To be fully for you" - physiotherapy in Warsaw

Physiotherapy is our passion. The whole beauty and secret of physiotherapy lies in the right choice of techniques and therapeutic stimuli for the individual Patient. Every body is different, which is why we treat you, dear Patient, individually. Physiotherapy treatment We tailor the treatment to your current state of health, your well-being, as well as to factors such as time of day and mood. Therefore, sometimes at your visit we will perform pain relief techniques which we will combine with substantive recommendations, other times the therapy will take place to the sound of relaxing music and we will spray pain-relieving essential oils around you. Be prepared that each visit will look slightly different.

For what purpose do you come to see a physiotherapist?

While the variety of techniques used changes, the goal remains the same, and that is to improve your health and well-being by eliminating the problem you come to us with. Your body has enormous potential regeneration and reparation. This means that your body knows what to do to maintain and restore health, but it needs the right conditions to do so. When we lose our good health to some extent, the body tries to start the repair processes. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Modern lifestyles, work, stressors, emitted radiation, sterile food and lack of exercise mean that the body needs help. And this is where we - the Fizjo & Well team. What we do is stimulate the body in various ways to undertake self-healing processes. Physiotherapy visit is the initiation of the healing process. At your appointment you will see that it is not just about physical health.

What physiotherapy techniques do we use?

To achieve this goal, we use various physiotherapy techniquesdifferent types of grips, movements and stimuli. We dose the intensity, the amplitude of the movements and their sequence. Over the years we have developed our own "workshop". These are proprietary routines, based on experience and knowledge from numerous courses and trainings. The techniques we have developed relieve pain and allow the body to move from the disease stage to the healing stage.

What approach to physiotherapy guides our daily work?

We base our work on the approach of the German school of Manual Therapy - the International Academy of Orthopaedic Medicine (IAOM). Our priority is making a correct diagnosis. Without a diagnosis, we do not start treatment. We want our patients to know what ails them and understand the situation they are in. And above all, they know what to do to free themselves from pain.

Physiotherapy at Fizjo&Well is a combination of heart and mind

Physiotherapy carried out by us combines a 'hard' manual medicine approach with gentler techniques. We use short-lever manipulative techniques. We perform musculo-fascial therapy and acupressure using a variety of mats, rollers and rollers. We use holds and techniques taken from massage. We work with acupuncture needles performing dry needling techniques. We use tools - pins, caths, multi-needle applicators to introduce stimulus variation. In addition, we use Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) therapy, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Fascilitation (PNF) and Visceral Therapy. We often incorporate elements of reflexology and elements taken from Chinese medicine - including tongue diagnosis, which in its simplicity and effectiveness can amaze even us therapists.

What is it like to work with a physiotherapist at Fizjo&Well?

In addition to manual work, we use knowledge from range of exercises and training programming in sport. We provide exercise instruction, plan home exercise sets and discuss your daily habits. We want you to know what harms you and what helps you. To be able to adjust your workplace, plan your workouts and know how to recover.

During a physiotherapy appointment we will talk to you about pain-related topics. We place an extremely high value on your diet, which we understand as a style of eating to help your body heal itself. We try to get you to take steps towards changing eating habitsbut also so that you know how to support healing in a quick way by adding a few products. Even after your first visit, you will proudly tell your friends what turmeric tastes like when combined with black pepper 🙂 And although it seems obvious, today's lifestyles and shop ranges do not help us to take care of healthy eating habits. So we'll give you some tips on what to do to make your kitchen a place where you eat and look after your health at the same time. After all, health starts in the gut....

We invite you to physiotherapy consultations in Ursynów, Warsaw!

In the meantime, stay healthy and grounded! I won't write any more about that, because I'll tell you more about grounding in the study too. You are welcome! 

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