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Corrective gymnastics in kindergartens

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"I recommend corrective gymnastics wholeheartedly! My daughters loved these Monday classes at nursery, after which they came home and made up obstacle courses and games on their own, not wanting stories and the phone. They developed - they became confident, attentive, liked climbing and walking on their toes, which they frankly disliked because of their flat feet. But who wouldn't want to be a giraffe!!! 🙂 We sincerely recommend it! A big plus for the fact that the classes are held at the Kindergarten which saves commuting time."

Emilia, mother of Julia (3.5l) and Hania (5l)

I would highly recommend Fizjo & Well - the classes are run with passion and great commitment, the kids love the ladies running the classes. You can see a great deal of knowledge and experience in the approach and delivery of the children's classes.

Magdalene, Teacher of a group of 5 year olds in the Warsaw district of Bemowo

"5 stars! Although the word correctional or corrective gymnastics didn't sound encouraging to us at first (I still remember my correctional classes at school) I am glad we enrolled our son in the classes. The classes are well run and we are seeing the results! Our son was diagnosed with a slight curvature of the spine and we were advised to practise under the guidance of a physiotherapist to help alleviate the defect. After a year of classes at the kindergarten we can see how much he has strengthened - we can see how straight he sits, jumps effortlessly on one leg, repeats exercises at home, pretends to be a stork, is eager to move and, most importantly, his spine is straight! Thank you and we are already looking forward to another year with you!"

Beata, mum of Antek (5l)

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Who are we?

We are a Team of qualified physiotherapists and trainers with many years of experience working with children. We conduct free demonstration classes in Kindergartens all over Poland.

The mission of our classes is to

"Building the best possible physical fitness in pre-school children during activities where children are challenged and exercised through play, and supervised by experienced trainers and physiotherapists. In this way, children shape their fitness, their health, boost their self-confidence and build their self-esteem, developing positive associations with physical activity for life."

Our values

We are guided by the values of caring for children's health and development, as well as enthusiasm and creativity when carrying out activities.

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Tel: +48 669 587 257


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