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For years, massages have helped people to fight various ailments and have a positive impact on their wellbeing and health. The first references to their salutary effects on the human body appeared as far back as almost 3000 BC. It is not without reason that we still believe in the extraordinary power of these treatments today. Massages do not only have an effect on our bodies, they also soothe our troubled thoughts. They allow you to get away from reality or achieve maximum focus, for some even becoming an important part of therapy. At our office in Warsaw's Ursynów district, we perform several types of massage. We will help you choose the one that best meets your expectations and current needs.

Types of massage at Fizjo&Well

Especially for you we have prepared massages of different nature. Relaxing massage will help you experience deep relaxation. It will relax the muscles of your entire body and gently but effectively allow you to free your head from a flurry of thoughts. For you, it is an opportunity to recharge your batteries and gain energy for action.. Sports massage is particularly indicated for people who are regularly physically active and are at risk of overload injuries. Therapeutic massage It will help all those who are experiencing fatigue and pain due to their working patterns, daily routines or those who are struggling with tissue injuries and are in the process of healing. Cosmetic massage Instead, it constitutes wellness and is performed for nursing purposes.

How do you choose the perfect massage for your needs?

We are here for you. Get in touch with us and we will help you choose a massage to suit your current needs. We choose the style of massage based on your lifestyle, your job and your preferences. We will take into account your age and state of health. Depending on your needs, we will focus on specific parts of the body, for example a massage with special attention to one area of the spine, or a head massage, which is particularly beneficial for tension and migraine headaches. Visit our physiotherapy practice in Ursynów district and see for yourself that we will give you the best possible care. You will already feel better after your first visit. We guarantee that you will want to come back to us!

More than just a massage in Ursynów

Physioandwell is more than just a massage. We have a holistic approach and take care of every detail. From your first contact with us, you will feel that you are in the hands of professional and experienced physiotherapists. Every massage is preceded by a thorough interview. We want to know your preferences and needs, and rule out any contraindications to massage. We individually adjust the massage techniques and intensity of treatment. We pay special attention to the atmosphere in the salon. We take pleasure in polishing the smallest details so that they create a harmonious whole in line with the atmosphere of our massage parlour in Warsaw. Your comfort is of paramount importance to us. Special music will put you in relaxation mode and the individually selected aromas of essential oils wafting through the salon will gently enhance the special mood.

Professional massages with a physiotherapist in Warsaw

Our team consists of experienced physiotherapistswho have spent years learning the theory and practice of massage. They are true enthusiasts who offer their opinion and advice on the right type of massage, its intensity and the number of treatments necessary in case of injury, among other things. You can put yourself in our hands with peace of mind. We will take care of your body and mind. Every massage in Ursynów is a wonderful experience because of the technique used and because of the preparations we use. We have prepared for you carefully selected cosmetics that are individually tailored to your skin. The high-quality oils, lotions and creams are certified for quality and have been produced in harmony with nature. We act consciously and ecologically. We are committed to ensuring that the substances used for massage are 100% natural. We choose them with great care and select them from the many brands available on the market. The essential oils also have the highest quality approvals and are selected in such a way that their effect supports the relaxation experienced during the massage.

Voucher for a massage in Warsaw

We invite you and your loved ones to our salon in Ursynów. You can enjoy our treatments yourself or give a moment of pleasure to someone important to you. We will prepare for you a voucher of any denomination. You can give an elegantly wrapped gift card as a present to accompany the celebration of an important moment for you. The recipient will choose the type of massage themselves. A specialist from our salon will, of course, help him or her make the choice.

Benefits of regular massage

Why benefit from massages? Regular treatment helps to remove any painwhich you deal with on a daily basis. Massage easily induces a state of relaxation and relaxation, and effectively improves blood circulation. If you want to lose weight, the results will be quicker and more effective thanks to massages. Different massage techniques also supports the treatment of injuries and trauma and improve muscle conditionwhich is particularly important for those involved in sport. Under the guidance of a professional physiotherapist, massages are completely safe. We invite you to our salon in Ursynów. You will find that a massage is a real relief for your body and spirit!

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