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Rehabilitation for athletes - where to choose in Ursynów?

Rehabilitation for athletes is rehabilitation offer for all those who are physically active. We will reveal right away that if you are in this group, you are particularly close to us - dear Patient. Since, as physiotherapists ourselves, we are addicted to sporting adrenaline, we understand your needs and problems perfectly. 

Rehabilitation for athletes - when to come for an appointment?

If you have suffered an injury and need us to guide your rehabilitation from the moment of injury until return to sport, you are welcome to make an appointment. Together we will plan your improvement, provide you with physiotherapy recommendations for each period of treatment, dietary recommendations and exercises and activities that you can do at that stage of your rehabilitation. 

It's important that you know exactly what you can and cannot do. In the study we met many ambitious athleteswho have made their health worse by exercising and taking up activities they shouldn't be doing. So we will make sure that you know what to do and understand why some activities need to be postponed.

If you are experiencing discomfort or discomfort during sports activities and you would like to know what the cause is we will be happy to help you - both our physiotherapy knowledge and experience in working with athletes.

What exactly does an athlete-directed visit look like?

We rely on differential diagnosiswith which we make a diagnosis. If you have already undergone tests or diagnostic examinations at another facility, we ask you to bring your medical records with you to your appointment. Once a diagnosis has been made, we programme the treatment process. Then, from a range of physiotherapy techniques, we select the right ones to work in sports physiotherapy. At the end, we summarise everything, write it down and send it to you in the form of emailed 'post-visit recommendations'. 

What do we treat in sports physiotherapy? 

Our offer is addressed to both professional and amateur athletes. What ailments do people who train come to us with? Whether they are footballers, basketball players, skaters, runners, badminton players or athletes in other sports, the list of sports-related injuries is similar. We will list the most common ones below.

Spinal complaints:

Upper limb complaints:

Lower limb complaints:

We invite all athletes to a consultation at Fizjo&Well in Warsaw's Ursynów district!

Our the physiotherapists are experienced in working with athletesi. For years, they have been mentoring athletes involved in roller-skating, roller-skating, badminton and combat sports. They also work with athletes involved in competitive kayaking. Visit sports consultations to Fizjo&Well at ul. Franciszka Maria Lanciego 13/locality 14!

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