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Cosmetic massage

Start taking conscious care of your skin! We use cosmetic massage primarily for preventive and care purposes. It has a positive effect on muscle and skin elasticity. It relaxes and visibly rejuvenates, reducing wrinkles. Cosmetic massage is a wonderful tool in the hands of a professional physiotherapist. See for yourself!

How do we perform a cosmetic facial massage in Ursynów?

A cosmetic facial massage is usually combined with a neck and décolletage massage. The main aim is to refresh and brighten the skin and to moisturise and regenerate the epidermis. Our certified physiotherapists use a variety of cosmetic massage techniques. Each treatment in our Ursynów salon begins with an in-depth interview with the person interested in a cosmetic massage.

Step by step cosmetic body massage in Warsaw

On the basis of an interview and examination, we decide on specific massage techniques. These include stroking elements of the neck and décolleté, the area around the mouth, cheeks, nose and forehead. We also use rubbing and tapping technique. During most of the treatments there is a vibration and fan element on the cheeks, and the whole massage ends with a return to pleasant stroking. The physiotherapist will individually select cosmetics and massage techniques to suit your needs. A cosmetic facial massage usually lasts around 30 minutes. Depending on your requirements, this can be extended to a full body cosmetic massage.

Advantages of enjoying a cosmetic massage of the face and body

A cosmetic body massage is the ultimate in wellness. First of all, the skin is cleared from keratinised epidermis, nourished professional cosmetics and stimulated. Cosmetic massage reduces or even eliminates wrinkles. The treatment is performed to smooth, firm and give elasticity to the skin and subcutaneous tissue. With pleasant movements, we are able to improve the function of the skin's glands. Cosmetic massage effectively supports cellulite reduction.

Cosmetic massage in Warsaw

We offer the best cosmetic massage in Warsaw. We are distinguished by holistic approach to massage - You will feel it the moment you cross the threshold of our salon in Ursynów. We will take care of every aspect of your visit. We will tailor cosmetic treatments to your needs and skin condition. We use exclusively certified cosmetics produced in an environmentally friendly manner. We guarantee that a cosmetic massage will absolutely delight you. Softly flowing music from the speakers, specially selected essential oils, an intimate atmosphere ... And professional care by specialistswho will do everything to improve your skin and give you a relaxing pleasure.

The perfect gift - a cosmetic body massage

You can give the pleasure of a massage to yourself or gift it to someone close to you. We have prepared elegant amount vouchersso that the recipient themselves can enjoy all the benefits of a cosmetic massage in Warsaw. If you are looking for an idea for original gift for your partner or a friend - give her the gift of voucher for a cosmetic massage. It deserves a moment of blissful relaxation under the care of professional physiotherapists.

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