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Chinese bubble massage

Chinese bubble massage has been gaining popularity in recent years, mainly due to women who want to fight cellulite at home. Many of our patients use this therapy on their own at home, achieving great results in the form of firmer and nourished skin. However, the Chinese bubble massage is not only an anti-cellulite massage. W physiotherapy practices They find other much wider uses.

Chinese bubble massage in Warsaw - what is it?

Use of Chinese bubbles in medical treatment was taken from folk medicine. Until recently, it was still very common for our grandmothers to practice putting bubbles as a remedy for colds and lowered immunity. Today, the nature of the use of Chinese bubbles has changed. The massage is performed for relaxation and healing purposes and is not limited to the treatment of colds as it used to be.

W Physio&Well we use classic Chinese bubbles (there are also glass ones on the market) because of the sensation during the treatment. During the application of the bubble, a negative pressure is created, causing the skin to be gently sucked into the bubble. As the negative pressure increases, the pressure around the blood vessels decreases, leading to increased lymph and blood flow. The skin is slightly reddened after the treatment, which is a sign of the previously described phenomenon. The pressure of the bubble is adjusted to the individual needs and feelings of the patients. 

What problems is the Chinese bubble massage used for?

Thanks to Chinese bubble therapy at Fizjo&Well in Warsaw We can:

These are just a few of the key advantages of using Chinese bubble massage. Find out more during a consultation with our physiotherapists!

How do I prepare for a Chinese bubble massage at Fizjo&Well?

First chinese bubble massage sometimes proves painful, which is why we select the size of the bubbles at the beginning of the therapy. They can be increased or decreased, depending on the tactile sensations of our patients. Usually the size of the bubbles is increased for massages in successive series. 

Enjoy a Chinese bubble massage in Ursynów, Warsaw!

All persons interested Chinese bubble massages (both on the cosmetological and physiotherapeutic side) we invite you to our office in Warsaw, Ursynów district. Experience the positive effects of bubble therapy!

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