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Indian head massage

If you are looking for oriental massages in the Warsaw Ursynów district, you've come to the right hands. At Fizjo&Well you can enjoy an Indian head massage. What is it? How do you prepare for it? And is it worth it?

What is an Indian head massage?

Indian head massage can be described in two words - tradition and energy. Massages have been in Indian culture for millennia. We can find head massage under the name "chiampi"and for the natives it is a permanent hygiene ritual. Mothers massage their babies' scalps from an early age, which stimulates circulation and builds an emotional bond with the newborn. W Indian head massage is also attributed with an action that frees the soul and body from all cares (and evil spirits).

Our head is covered by a network of muscles, which sometimes become stiff under the influence of various emotions and illnesses. Without prevention of tense muscles, we can expect migraines, facial muscle asymmetry and general discomfort. Relaxing these areas brings an increase in energy levels and vitality. We have taken the idea Indian head massages to our practice to help our patients struggling with a depressed mood, wanting to release their daily worries and relieve muscle tension in these areas.

What does an Indian head massage look like at Fizjo&Well?

Every massage at Fizjo&Well runs slightly differently. The differences are due to the individual preferences of our clients. Therefore, before the massage, we will want to identify exactly which parts of the head need respite. Indian head massage focuses on the areas of the neck, head and face. If you suffer from tense muscles in these areas, tell your physiotherapist before the treatment begins.

No oils are used for Indian massages and there is no need for a change of clothes. So you don't need to prepare specially before your visit. Although calming the body and deep relaxation is recommended after the massage, if you don't have time for other types of massage, this one will allow you to get right back to your duties. Is there a more wonderful way to take a break from work and everyday responsibilities?

Enjoy an Indian head massage in Warsaw!

Indian head massages produce a number of positive effects, including:

We assure you that after Indian head massage at Fizjo&Well You will regain both a healthy body and a clear mind. We invite you to sign up!

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