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Therapeutic massage

The main task of therapeutic massage is to bring relief to people who are struggling with various types of spinal disorders and degenerative changes resulting from regular overloading. Performed correctly, a therapeutic massage will not only have a positive effect on the condition of your body, but will also relax you wonderfully.

What does a therapeutic massage at Fizjo&Well look like?

Therapeutic massage is based on classical massage techniques. However, it concentrates on the parts of the body that are altered by diseaseand adjacent tissues. During the treatment, the physiotherapist will use, among other techniques, stroking, kneading, rubbing and patting. In a therapeutic massage, substances are also usually used that provide gliding on the skin and protect against abrasion. These may include therapeutic creams, ointments and gels with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Rehabilitation massage in Ursynów

Therapeutic massage can only be performed by certified physiotherapists. Unprofessional therapy can have serious consequences for your health. In our Ursynów salon with each patient we conduct an in-depth interview, which helps us to make an accurate diagnosis and choose the right style of massage. First we get to know your body well, your current state of health and ailments. Then select the techniques and intensity of the massagewhich will effectively eliminate the cause of pain.

For whom is therapeutic massage intended?

Therapeutic massage is a treatment for those who suffer from pain caused by postural defects. It is recommended for people with a sedentary lifestyle and overweight. The therapeutic massage reduces pains resulting from muscular tension, often caused by long-term stress. Will help people during rehabilitation after limb fractures or joint dislocations or sprains. It is great when used regularly for sciatica. Therapeutic massage is often for the rehabilitation of people who are permanently bedridden. Improves blood circulation and prevents contractures.

Why opt for a therapeutic spinal massage?

A therapeutic spinal massage is performed when the stabilisation of the spinal column is disturbed and, as a consequence, overloads and strains the surrounding tissues. The loads carried by our spine are distributed incorrectly. This often results in discomfort and pain during everyday life. The reason for this situation is the incorrect work of the muscles that stabilise our trunk. This happens as a consequence of prolonged sitting or injuries to which we are exposed. Usually, such injuries only occur on one side of the body, so that the opposite side of the spine is even more stressed. It is easy to lose the stability of the spine and overuse the discs. A therapeutic spinal massage aims to relax tense areas, enabling weakened tissues to be incorporated into the. The result of a professional spinal massage at Fizjoandwell is the elimination of pain and the preservation of the correct figure.

Healing massage in Warsaw - how long does a treatment last?

Length of one therapeutic massage session may last from 30 to 90 minutes. The duration depends on the ailment and the area of the body where the injury is located. After an interview, we will tailor it individually to your needs. It is worth noting that usually one massage is not enough and a series of treatments is advisable, for example 5 or 10 visits. Recovery from an injury is a process that cannot be completed in one appointment with a specialist.

A therapeutic massage in Ursynów tailored to your needs

We invite you to visit our showroom in Ursynów. You will meet experienced physiotherapists herewho over the years have gained knowledge of the human body and its needs. Now we are happy to help you get rid of any ailments and return to life without pain and injury. Together we will analyse your needs and proceed with the treatments. Visit us in Warsaw's Ursynów district and see for yourself that we take care of every detail. We guarantee full professionalism, a pleasant atmosphere and 100% intimacy. See you there!

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