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Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage has been known to mankind for centuries. Records of the use of heated stones for therapeutic purposes can be found in the oldest cultures. It was practised for meditative and healing purposes. It was common practice to place a warm stone in a woman's lower abdomen during menstruation to provide relief from cramps and pain. Today hot stone massage plays an important role in physiotherapy. That is why it could not be missing from the offer of Physjo&Well.

Hot stone massage: relaxation combined with therapy

Hot stone massage owes its popularity to a combination of two key strengths. Firstly, it can be used as part of therapy. The heated stones support a deep tissue massage. It is particularly recommended for people who are exposed to prolonged stress and anyone who spends most of the day in a sitting position. In addition hot stone massage is a relaxing treatment. Patients coming to our an office in the Ursynów district of Warsaw describe it as a pleasant regeneration for body and mind.

What does a hot stone massage in Warsaw look like?

Before the massage, the perpetrators of all the fuss, the basalt stonesThey are heated. They are then gradually placed on the relevant parts of the body. Direct contact of the stones with the skin could lead to discomfort, so they are placed on a towel during the massage. They then slowly release heat into the deep parts of the muscles, while another area of the body is manually worked on during this time, increasing the effectiveness of the massage. This synergy allows us to reach deep tissues that are often under stress. The stones come in a variety of sizes and shapes so that they can be adapted to the relevant areas on the body.

If you feel that any area on your body is particularly tense - tell us about it before the massage and we will try to release the tense area.

How do I prepare for a hot stone massage at Fizjo&Well?

To hot stone massage at Fizjo&Well You don't need to make any special preparations. Our experienced physiotherapists will take care of your comfort on site. This type of massage is particularly focused on relaxation, so we pay special attention to the room climate. We will adapt the climate to you so that you feel as relaxed as possible. After the massage, we recommend drinking plenty of water, which supports the body's cleansing processes.

Effects of a hot stone massage by a physiotherapist

The best effects of a hot stone massage are achieved with a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the human body. Conscious and experienced physiotherapists are able to read tense muscles efficiently and relieve patients of pain. Therefore, when choosing where to have this treatment performed, it is worth making sure you are 'in good hands'. Wondering what the massage with hot stones at Fizjo&Well in Warsaw? Visit us and you will see for yourself the benefits of this treatment!

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