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Massage for pregnant women

The time when a woman carries a baby in her womb is certainly a special time. A woman's body undergoes many changes as she prepares for childbirth. A common problem faced by pregnant women is pain in the lower back. At Fizjo&Well, the ailments are properly diagnosed and prevented. We invite you to massage dedicated to pregnant women!

Is massage for pregnant women safe?

In order to find out whether a massage should be given to a mother-to-be, we carry out a detailed interview. Before every massage at Fizjo&Well, we talk to the patient about her condition.

There are also a series of contraindications to massage for pregnant womenare inter alia.: fetal malformations, high blood pressure, diabetes, fever. It is also accepted that massage should be performed from the third to the eighth month of pregnancy. It cannot be performed massage for women in the first month pregnancy, due to the process of placenta formation. If in doubt, we recommend that you consult the doctor in charge of your pregnancy.

How is massage for pregnant women different from others?

At Physio&Well, we are well aware of the importance of safety of pregnant women during massage. The technique is similar to a classic massage, but the massage is performed with extreme care. Elements of deep massage such as intensive rubbing, patting, shaking, rolling are omitted. The previously mentioned massage elements are replaced by stroking, rubbing and slow kneading. The physiotherapist's movements are slower and gentler, which further promotes relaxation.

During pregnancy, lying on the abdomen and on the back is prohibited. It is recommended that the mother-to-be lies on her side or in a sitting position. For massage, we usually choose to lie on the left side, which is the safest and most natural position. There is then no pressure on the inferior vena cava, the compression of which can lead to increased heart rate and shallow breathing. The patient's comfort is crucial to us.

What are the benefits of massage during pregnancy?

A woman's body changes during pregnancy. Weight increases and body statics change, which can lead to increased muscle tension. A great remedy for these complaints is pregnancy massage in Warsaw. These are just a few of the positive benefits it brings:

Pregnant women are invited to have massages at Fizjo&Well in Ursynów, Warsaw.

We warmly welcome all Mothers-to-be for massages at Fizjo&Well. We look forward to seeing you in our Ursynów office, or you can make an appointment at the Massage for pregnant women with travel in Warsaw. Everything to look after you (and your baby) to the full!

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