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Foot reflexology

More than once you have come across the theory that every part of the human body is interconnected. Science (as well as our therapies) prove that there is a lot of validity in this. Therefore, with foot reflexology is being used by an increasing number of patients who want to manage a variety of conditions and who are failing traditional treatment methods.

What is foot reflexology?

A famous Persian proverb says "The outside of a man is the title page of his inside".. In reflexology, we could paraphrase this saying and say "A man's feet are the title page of his interior".. Reflexology is a therapy classified as an alternative therapy. According to reflexology, applying pressure to specific points on the body allows us to treat ailments in other, distant areas of our body. In reflexology we talk about foot map. It is a physiological map on which we find the areas of the foot responsible for specific illnesses or organs. Thus, by applying pressure to a specific point on the foot, we can treat intestinal problems such as chronic constipation, sciatica, stomach disorders, prostate complaints and a range of other conditions. Importantly, reflexology can be an adjunct therapy to drug treatment, or it can be a separate therapy and a preventative approach.

Foot reflexology in Warsaw - why is it worth it?

Reflexive foot massage has an effect on the entire body. It is a non-invasive (in other words, natural) therapy, thanks to which we can not only eliminate specific ailments, but also improve blood circulation throughout the body, strengthen immunity, calm the nervous system and improve toxin elimination processes. Reflexology is one of the holistic methods of treatment (those that have a holistic effect on the body), which is why it is particularly close to the ideas behind Fizjo&Well. We recommend that foot reflexology treatments are performed in series. The regularity of the therapy is key to achieving the best results. 

Indications and contraindications for foot reflexology

To be performed foot reflexology There are few contraindications. Women at risk of pregnancy, patients with acute phlebitis and patients with rheumatic conditions in an exacerbated state are excluded from reflexology. If your medical condition is uncertain, we recommend that you consult your doctor. In the absence of these contraindications, reflexology can be used successfully at any age. We particularly recommend it patients with digestive and cardiovascular problemspatients suffering from chronic stress, concentration disorders and arthritic pains. The frequency and course of the therapy is decided by the physiotherapist at the first meeting. At Fizjo&Well, we carefully adapt its nature to the patient's condition.

Treat yourself to foot reflexology at Fizjo&Well

Foot reflexology is a wonderful treatment to regain your health - physical and mental. If you are looking for reflexology in Warsaw, it is advisable to choose experienced physiotherapists who will "read" your foot map properly. Welcome to Fizjo&Well. Here, we will take full care of you!

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