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Sports massage

Sports massage is mainly intended for physically active people. It is applied to professional athletes, but not only. It is a treatment that will help you protect yourself from injury or recover quickly from injuries, which are not difficult to come by in sport. A sports massage regenerates your body and allows you to perform even better in your favourite sport.

Who is sports massage for?

Sports massage is massage for physically active people, including professional athletes. Rather, it should not be used by people who are not involved in sport at all. Sports massage definitely speeds up the body's recovery after intensive exercise and prevents injuries. Sports massage is a regular part of every athlete's training programme. It helps to protect the body from soreness and muscle tension, as well as to better prepare for competitions and heal injuries more quickly.

How does a sports massage work in Ursynów?

Sports massage has much in common with classical massage in that it uses techniques used in the basic style. It is usually performed with more force and energy. Sports massage is an integral part of wellness for athletes covered by a professional training programme. The first step to starting treatments is an in-depth interview with the patient, finding out about their condition and requirements. We also carry out spinal movement tests as required. All for your safety. The techniques and strength of the treatments are individually tailored to your needs.

Sports massage techniques

There are many techniques for sports massage. They are applied depending on the moment of the training plan in which the person interested in massage finds himself. We mainly distinguish between:

Sports massage: indications and contraindications

Sports massage is particularly indicated for professional athletes and people who are regularly physically active. Starting sports massage treatments requires consultation with a specialist and should only be done to support physical activity. Visit us at our Ursynów office and we will advise you on which massage and specific techniques to use in your case. Sports massage is not recommended for people who are struggling with cancer and cardiovascular disease. We do not recommend sports massage for pregnant women. Can I go for a sports massage during a cold? If you have an infection, we encourage you to reschedule your treatment.

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