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Reflexology at Fizjo&Well in Warsaw - what does it help and is it worth it?

Your body is a fascinating machine. It is made up of millions of small parts that constantly interact with each other. When even one of these parts breaks down, starts to work more slowly or stops altogether - you feel uncomfortable, you feel bad. Maintaining a proper balance is key to wellbeing. In Chinese medicine, there is an accepted saying that the foot is the map of the whole body or the second heart. Why do we mention this? It is the starting point for reflexology. Discover more secrets of reflexology and enjoy its benefits!

Reflexology - what is it?

First of all, reflexology is not a simple relaxation massage, nor is it reflexotherapy or acupressure. Reflexology is the ancient art of healing through reflex stimulation. Reflexes are called the more than 7200 nerve endings in the human foot. They are directly connected to the brain and thus to the entire body. Reflexology has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, according to which each reflex corresponds to an organ, system or gland. A professional reflexologist unblocks energy pathways and harmonises the circulation of energy throughout the body by applying pressure to specific points on the body. Foot reflexology and hand reflexology are particularly popular. Reflexology treatments are effective in helping to restore health - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What does foot and hand reflexology help with?

Massage performed by a reflexologist particularly helps those suffering from localized back and neck pains. Solves problems with stiff muscles, migrainessinus conditions. Help with foot and hand reflexology is sought by people with balance problems and gastrointestinal conditions.

Reflexology is a very pleasant and effective therapy with healing properties. It acts as a preventive measure in children and adults. It helps with allergies, insomnia and muscle pain, and even acne. In addition, it has an extremely soothing effect and helps you to relax, internally calm down and really relax deeply.

Reflexology recognised worldwide

Reflexology is based on knowledge collected over 5 000 years. In countries around the world, it has found a place in hospitals, nursing homes, physiotherapy and wellness salons. Reflexology is a good complement to applied medicine. Particularly important is the fact that it will recognise your individual needs and adapt to your current state of health.

Where to go for reflexology in Warsaw?

Above all, remember that reflexology can only be practised by people who are qualified to perform this type of treatment. Visit us in our Ursynów showroom and test the effects of reflexology on your own skin. We have gathered for you team of specialistsWe have created a place in Ursynów where you can feel completely safe, both because of our professional staff and the unique atmosphere of our practice. We have created a place in Ursynów, where you can feel completely safe - both because of our professional staff and the unique atmosphere of our office. You will be welcomed by the unique music softly flowing from the speakers, elegant essential oils and the highest quality cosmetics selected for your skin. There is a shower in the salon, so you can easily return to your duties or meet up with friends after your treatment.

Reflexology in Ursynów - treatment voucher as a gift

Reflexology is an interesting method for combating unpleasant ailments, but also an unusual form of relaxation. Now you can give the gift of voucher for foot or hand reflexology A loved one who has always been interested in this treatment. We will prepare an elegant voucher for you and the recipient can use it for one of the reflexology treatments or any other massage in our salon. Surprise your loved one with an imaginative gift and encourage them to take conscious care of their body!

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